Here are 2 photos to compare


Above is the aftermath of a campsite after a weekend BYO camping Reading festival in the UK has taken place.

Many times people buy cheap tents for one-off uses such as an annual festival or off-grid weddings and private functions, never to be used again. These tents are either damaged in strong winds or trampled on and trashed due to overpopulated campsites and intoxicated behaviour. The tents are then left behind on the venue for clean up crews to pick up. These tents are so damaged, they cannot be reused for charitable causes.


This photo above is drone footage took during one of our pack downs at a function on a farm in regional NSW. These tents went through gale force winds and catered to over 100 guests. See how they aren’t damaged and there’s NO rubbish?

So what’s the solution?


Canvas bell tents are robust and with the knowledge of maintenance of canvas bell tents, we can get 6+ years out of our hire stock. When we did the maths based on our 2017 stats, on average 1 tent over a 6 year period will cater to 168 people per tent.

Not only is hiring environmentally friendly, we save you the stress of having your property looking like a junk yard, picture A, at the top of this email.

Hiring over purchasing has so many environmental and economical advantages.

Think about anything in your life that you can borrow or hire or purchasing, whether it’s a dress for a one-off event, or ski gear for that one time you’ll attempt at snow sports, or a glamping stay at a festival. It may seem tiny but it’s those tiny efforts that will make a big difference in the long run.

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We have rebranded from Avant-Garde Camping

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