5 tips on finding your dream glamping supplier!

Glamping in Australia has been around for years now but is still such a new concept. When done right, an off grid wedding or function can look and feel like an absolute fairytale.

So when you’re planning a successful glamping event, do you know what the questions are you need to ask & why certain suppliers have so many price points?

Below are 5 tips we’ve put together when shopping around.

Find out what kind of tent you are getting…

There are so many bell tents on the market and they all have a point of difference. Our advice is to find a bell tent with cross ventilation and fly screen doors, especially for the warmer months. Other factors you may wish to explore is size, is it at least 5 metres in circumference? (pretty standard and a good, comfy size for getting ready and moving around.)

Ask the supplier to provide a photo for better clarity, and how much
land they will need to pitch X amount of tents.
(Please see site inspections for more info on this one)

Are you getting air, foam or innerspring mattresses?

If you are getting air mattresses, find out what the brand is. You don’t want your guests waking up in the middle of the night to a deflated air mattress because the supplier went to the cheap side. The cold weather can affect the air inside any brand of air mattress though. If you are receiving foam mattresses, ask for the depth, are you getting something as thin as a yoga mat, or is it thick enough for a good nights sleep?

All in all, think about the guests and their needs, older guests may prefer innerspring, whereas foam may be more suited to children. (who can sleep on just about anything) The objective is to get a safe and good night’s rest, if it means investing in innerspring, we highly recommend this.

Site Inspections

Not even a question. ESPECIALLY for large events, this is SO important. Do they provide the service?

Working in logistics and close to the earth in remote locations, so many variables are at hand, and a successful set up is all about KNOWLEDGE and PREPARATION.

The supplier should be looking at the land size to map out the tents for the day, overall accessibility for guests and the installation team, (most event suppliers have pantech/flat bed trucks, vans & 4WD’s with trailers, think about this.)

And the there’s the amenities for on site staff (TMI: we’ve had to squat behind trees before due to no access to dunnies, no fun)

Soil quality, which factors in to what kind of equipment (pegs) are needed for a safe installation. All this information collected helps the supplier work out whether they can do the job, quote the job, how much staff is required & how to get staff prepared for set up and pack down on the day.

Do they provide an online booking system?

Online booking systems will take a whole bunch of stress away from you, trust us. Glamping suppliers who offer booking systems will generally manage the wedding guests directly including inclusions, upgrades and payment.

And find out exactly what is included in the tent?

AND find out what the upgrade options are. Again, ask for a photo of a previous set up they have completed with the same layout and inclusions.

All glamping suppliers generally have basic styles to more bespoke ranges. Don’t base your expectations on what you see on ig and fb because only the most bespoke set ups are typically showcased on social media (see below left). You don’t want your guests showing up to their glamping experience expecting one thing and been given the other.

To the left is the bridal suite, this is our top of the line style of glamping, usually for the brides and groom’s wedding night. To the right is the Wanderer suite, our basic glamping suite for guest bedding. This suite allows for numerous upgrades and add ons.

But don’t mistake the 2…

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