Starting in 2011 Jennah was in need for camping hire that was visually appealing as well as practical and comfortable. Searching high and low within Australia for a someone she found that there was a niche in the Australian market which had not been filled.

Researching Glamping hire she noticed throughout the world Glamping had been produced and celebrated at events from tourism, social parties to festivals and events BUT it was not in Australia and yet we had some of the best locations and weather to be able to do it.

Armed with a single tent in her spare time from her job as an Architect she explored various locations, tents and put them to the test. With a degree in Architecture and Interior Design the elements of aesthetics and practicality of structural longevity of glamping were of great importance.

Fast forward 12 months later and Jennah had built up a small collection of tents and walked away from the design industry to her new found passion of Glamping. Over the years Jennah had travelled throughout the east coast of Australia pitching tents for all kinds of events; building not only experience in various styles of glamping events but also understanding the vast terrain we had and what this meant to pitching glamping tents within these locations for events.

Building her knowledge and experience she has booked clients such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Uber, Bendelta, Wild Turkey, IMC Trading, C3 Church, Phillip Morris; as well as a number of high-profile weddings and social celebrations and more!

In 2019 saw us take over one of our competitors, the prestigious Flash Camp acquiring an inventory to build a NATION and some on Australia’s hottest festivals in there little black book such as Splendour in the grass, Falls Festival, Byron Bay Blues Fest and Lost Paradise. As well as partnerships for Flash Camp Coolendel and Flash Camp Kakadu!

Despite natural disasters, bush fires and global pandemics; 2020 saw the team with new events, locations and ideas to exceed expectations and deliver each event with a high standard of customer service and comfort! Looking brightly into the future of glamping events.

The future is bright and together with an experienced creative crew and some of the industries best partners we are always searching for new innovative products, events and location to ensure the GLAMP Nation is the go-to in all things Glamping!

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    We have rebranded from Avant-Garde Camping

    We are excited to announce we have rebranded to GLAMP NATION. We hope you enjoy your experience on our brand new website, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. The Team @ Glamp Nation.